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Sonuus Wahoo is a dual analogue filter

Sonuus Wahoo Factory Present

There are 100 factory presets labelled as F00–F99, then 100 user presets labelled P00–P99. If you press and hold or you can increment or decrement in steps of 10 so you can quickly select the preset you want.
To get started, we suggest you select from the following: 

The Wahoo is a dual analogue filter stomp box. It is packed with innovations from the 
Sonuus Research Team.

Analogue signal path with digital control
The Wahoo’s fully analogue signal path is based on vintage synthesizer filters, and gives the warm organic tone that is possible with only analogue electronics
We have combined the analogue signal path with digital control for precision and configurability.

Dual analogue filter design
The Wahoo has two analogue filters, each of which can be configured as low-pass or band-pass and can operate independently in wah pedal, LFO, envelope and pitch-tracking modes. The dual filter output can be configured to give evolving textures and tonal depths that cannot be achieved with a single filter.

Ground-breaking pitch-tracking effects
The Wahoo uses sonuus’ proven, and highly acclaimed, pitch-tracking technology to create unique pitch-bend and pitch-tracking effects—effects that have never been available before.

Unique patent-pending pedal sensor
Most wah pedals operate using a potentiometer (a pot) which wears out quickly resulting in the effect becoming scratchy. These also have mechanical couplings which limit fine control and let dirt inside the unit, so compromising reliability.

Some other wah pedals use optical methods which are susceptible to dirt and interference from stage lighting, and these also have mechanical couplings.
For the Wahoo, we designed a brand new type of position sensor that allows super-fine precision control with no mechanical couplings. As a result, the pedal control on the Wahoo won’t get scratchy and will never wear out!
For guitar and bass

The Wahoo is designed from the ground up to be perfect for guitar and bass. We know that many musicians play both instruments and don’t want to compromise when an effect is designed for the higher or lower frequencies of these instrument: 

the range of the Wahoo parameters can perfectly match guitar and bass, and you can save and switch between instrument-specific set-ups.

Of course, the Wahoo can also be used on other instruments such as keyboards. You don’t need to restrict your creativity to guitar and bass!

True-bypass means that the effect is completely switched out of your signal chain when bypassed to preserve the integrity of your guitar/bass signal. This is typically done by mechanical switches but these cause clicks or pops when switching.

For the Wahoo, we designed a silent-switching true-bypass circuit so you get the benefits of true- bypass without the associated switching noise. What’s more: if the power to the 
Wahoo is interrupted, the unit will automatically switch back to the bypassed state so you don’t lose your instrument’s signal.

The Wahoo is designed to be ideal for gigging on stage:
  • Heavy-duty cast aluminium case that will stand up to years of heavy use.
  • The pedal won’t decide to get scratchy just before a crucial gig!
  • Variety of power sources: any polarity 9V for maximum convenience, USB and high-capacity AA batteries.
  • Foot-operated preset selection.
  • LOCK switch to prevent accidental changes to settings or presets.
    The Wahoo comes ready-to-play with 100 factory presets which include traditional wah effects, touch-wah, bass envelope filters, auto-wah, bubbly funk, vocal sounds and extreme synth-like special effects. Without making any adjustments, the Wahoo is ready to play, straight out of the box.

    The 100 factory presets is just the starting place! By tweaking these presets you can explore different sounds and create your own effects—there are 100 user presets where you can store your own set-ups. 

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Resumen Factory Present:

1. Pedal Mode:

-00 - cry - Pedal Standard Wah
-02 - res - Pedal Resonant Wah
-07 - thi - Pedal Thick Wah

2. Pedal Vowels Mode:

-12 - EA2 - Pedal Ee AW2
-17 - Ooi - Pedal Ooi 

3. Touch Wah Mode:

-20 - crt - Touch Standard Wah
-23 - brt - Touch Bright Wah
-27 - urt - Touch U Are

4. Bass Envelope Mode:

-30 - en1 - Bass Envelopment 1
-31 - en2 - Bass Envelopment 2
-32 - en3 - Bass Envelopment 3
-34 - Fun - Bass Funk 70s

5. LFO MODE: (Low frequency oscillation)

-40 - Yur - LFO-U Are
-43 - PhB - LFO Phasor B
-44 - Cry - LFO Cry Standard Wah

7. Pitch Bend MODE:

-74 - db1 - Dive Bomb 1
-77 - db3 - Dive Bomb 3

8. Bubbly Mode:

-80 - Bal - Bubbly
-83 - iE - Bubbly -iE
-87 - Ta2 - Bubbly Ta2
-88 - Ta3 - Bubbly Ta3
-89 - Ta4 - Bubbly Ta4

9. MixUp Mode:

-90 - Ep1 - Env + Pitch Bend
-91 - Phr - Env + Phasor
-92 - CTF - Touch Wah - Funk
-93 - CPF - Standar Wah - Funk 
-94 - CpL - Standar Wah - LFO
-95 - PFu - Pedal Fuzz Fadein
-96 - por - Pedal Fuzz Vortez

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