miércoles, mayo 30, 2012

iMac Bug Error OS X Lion

iMac Bug Error OS X Lion

iMac 21,5 Pl. Intel Core i5 | el equipo esta nuevo y presenta problemas de Video, Audio & Periféricos como se puede observar en el Video. 

Para mi son problemas de Software, para que funcione hay que estar Actualizando & RE-Iniciando el Sistema, ósea, que si prendo el IMac 10 veces, esa misma cantidad, 10 veces se debe Re-Iniciar Todo el SISTEMA OS X LION.... eso NO ES algo Normal, Es Un Error del Sistema.

- NO creo que un Usuario Tenga que estar Re-iniciando su Sistema para que Funcione Correctamente!, 
otros Videos:

Video En Vivo, On Line Donde Explico el Error del Sistema OS x Lion.


I want to report this error I had during this time with iMac 21,5 Pl. Intel Core i5.

when I boot my iMac, he several minutes to go the desk spot, and afther that OS x Lion does not works normally; with the programs Finder, FaceTime, iTunes, USB & Video and others.

Finder: he don`t recognize my files
FaceTime: camera does`t works, don't show me any imagen or picture
iTunes: this programs don´t have audio and video, i can`t do nothing
Usb: this port don´t recognize nothing, i just plug my printer, camera, phone, usb flash memory, but he don`t do nothing, and the finder don't do nothing too, he don`t show me the plugging divide.

the system OS X Lion is updated Mac OS X Lion 10.7.4, my iMac is a 21.5,
intel core i5, i upload a video in youtube where you can see the problem, that can help you to see for first hand how my iMac actually works http://youtu.be/vOclnvZkrAc

Steps to Solution: I must to Re-BOOT the Entire system Os X Lion, to fix the problem, but i have to do this every day or sometimes two or more times in a day.
I am happy with my iMac is great for my studies.

old note:
when I start my system OS x Lion does not function normally Finder, FaceTime, iTunes, USB & Video, the system OS X Lion is updated... for it to work properly I must restart the Entire system Os X Lion.

Video Demostration: http://youtu.be/vOclnvZkrAc

Can be seen in the video, as I must restart to work around the system well Finder, FaceTime, iTunes, USB & Video... For me it's not normal, is a System Error on OS X Lion where the system must restart to function properly.

I just want to report the error
Apologies in advance if this is not the way of reporting the Bug Error,
I am happy with my iMac is great for my studies.