viernes, octubre 05, 2012



ANA Manakin- Lyrics

From the molecule structures micro we get everything Ina the composition of the body is the subatomic tablets of everything The instances where nature is not gentlest
The things we can believe we’ll still have to bear and live Still and hail the king King of kings, king of kings King of kings his title is, king of kings his title is
How are they to bear this? As a heart reflect on the dread thing circumstances Yes it is happening, yes it is in chilling A bitter undigested, a heavy pill Mothers and sisters grab your principles and surround your whistle within Install discipline body temple of Jah to live Transforming callousness in his palaces How to maintain order within, Yah Them Ana Manikin You cannot lock it in Well them can make no outcome ill A well them can fill it in And work no profiting keeping linkages As for sure his family sharing Sharing in a profiting
Reason events assure I of what it is What kind of future you have and vision is What is the reason of the solutioning In the words of H.I.M. A new race is dawning in It is in Geneva warning is Where the warning is Geobiographic scientific What the antic us Is a race to reach first to benefit Is a real estate secret development war it is And it reaching in from far and near within How to keep systems from crumbling Is another thing the whole world a tamper with Self advantage from no matter what the angle is Just for inite and now the small look like a larger grid Some dark heavy clothes it ago bring messing For the heavy with the dew and the moist struck in Yes I warn you fe thy people when they are in mourning How it is to be corrected and instructed To be corrected not by words but by instant heed Hollow platitudes and promises Exended if it is that is how the speaking is To seek the king implement the words you cling Jahjah never lead I to wrong in anything They say the flesh is weak if the spirit is within

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